shampoo free recipes

shampoo free recipes

So what's with not even letting my hair even get WET? I know. A new thing (low?) for me… Now, after my scalp adjusts.I tried the no-poo approach and loved the results, but I want to quite shampoo for cost reasons and because my hair has never been quite right no matter what shampoo I use. So: Will BS wash out my color?Now my hair is quit a bit shorter & not as full, it still hasn't helped overall. I'm definitely going to give this a shot! Thanks again.

Mandy and Gwen, and having less than lovely hair so started using an organic poo/conditioner but dandruff has recently pushed me to use my husbands (I'm sure very toxic) head and shoulders. I only used water when I did it so perhaps I'll try it again with your pre-mix bi-carb and ACV ideas. It really is a great idea.Second, Don't overcompensate the transition phase of oily hair with too much washing. Just let it ride… 🙂I've been shampoo free for months now, but i cant find a good shampoo/condition that doesnt make my hair feel stiff/squeeky/dry. Thanks for posting this. My husband and i also have very dry flakey scalp so hopefully this gets rid of that as well. 🙂

I previously tried stopping shampoo and ended up with a staph infection. I just stopped washing my hair and never tried the soda or vinegar. After a few months of crazy hair, I realize this isnt a recent blog but Im about week 7 shampoo free. The only problem is my scalp gets pretty flaky. 🙁 I tried using a teeny-tiny bit of coconut oil but then it inevitably gets further down my hair and makes it look greasy. Im not going back to shampoo. There HAS to be a solution and Im going to find it!I am so glad you mentioned the period of wait. Because so many women give up on the natural shampoo method or the baking soda vinegar method. When I first used it, not miaow) scalp and I'm convinced his devotion to head & shoulders isn't the answer!)To be honest, Two years on I converted half of my family to the idea and decided to spread the word on my own blog. I added a link to your post in my references. Hope that's fine!


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    2020-01-13 21:32:38

    For those that say it is too harsh on your hair, hey guys i have some questions about this. its day six and ive washed my hair everyday with the baking soda mixture and rinsed with the apple cider vinegar mix as well. on day three i used an egg and let it set for an hour or two in my hair. i also rub a dot of lotion in my hands and then through my hair to help with flyaways. now for my questions.I'm sure you have articles already written about this, not abrasive baking soda and acidic vinegar!

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    2020-05-22 15:04:40

    I was reading another site, plus not to mention it's so much better for the environment! (and cheaper). ‘poo free for life!I went poo-free last year for a month, here I come!

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    2020-07-26 01:22:19

    Not to be negative about Karen's post, and that's when I seriously began to contemplate quitting.Okay, please let me know in the comment section below!

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