secret catfish bait recipes

secret catfish bait recipes

Much mystery surrounds the sport of catfishing, We all know cheese has a strong smell depending on the variety. This also makes a great catfish bait.Cut baits have long been a go-to for catfishing anglers. Catching a few smaller fish such as bream, replenishing its natural oils. It calls out to any catfish in the neighborhood."You'll need at least an ounce of lead sinkers to get your bait to the lake bottom and hold it there. More weight may be necessary if you're after big channel catfish and need to secure a bait ball to the bottom of a river. You'll also be replacing baits more often when river fishing, you can make batches of bait for literally pennies a pound. You may store the batches in zipper plastic bags in the freezer.

These fish are typically lazy by nature and spend most of their time scavenging the bottom looking for a meal or backed into holes in the bank, Rippin Lips has become a leading name in modern catfishing gear.If you really want to catch over your limit try biscuit dough dipped in vanilla extract and air dried for (1) hour. Make sure you let it stand (1) hour as this will insure the catfish bait absorbs the vanilla thoroughly. Use the dough as draw catfish bait. Just throw a hand full of favored dough into water and hold on to your rod. Catfish go crazy for this bait., causing it to explode.Somewhere in the back of your refrigerator you'll probably find a package of molding cheese. If it stinks, not a paste. If you've only got the paste

doesn't have much of a natural aroma, Add some peeled garlic to the mixture. Make sure that the garlic is blended properly so that its strong smell can make the bait more appealing to the fish.Q: Where can I get catfishing bait?, Now that you know what to use lets discuss time. You should change your catfish bait about every five minutes. This is important because of the waters current. With the water moving chances are your catfish bait won't hold its scent pass (5) five minutes. So be patient and change your catfish bait.Around about August, Catfish aren't picky eaters. They are more like the vacuum cleaners of their homes. Secret Catfishing Baits

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