meat roast recipes

meat roast recipes

If you want a pot roast to rival your grandma's (sorry grandma), it would be the classic Sunday Pot Roast. Not even kidding. But I reeeeeaaaallly drug my feet on it. To say I got burned out on pot roast as a kid is an understatement. Anyone else's family have that Every. Single. Sunday?BROWN MEAT IN THE INSTANT POT, while a natural release allows the liquids to cool and settle inside the meat. Compare it to a steak that you slice right after it comes off the grill (juices flow everywhere) vs one that you let rest for 10 minutes before cutting (more juices remain inside the steak). Plan for 2 1/2 3 hours for this recipe and the pressure cooker will be cooled down and ready to open. I even go one step further with the “resting” stage and let it sit on a cutting board while I make the gravy. SERVE POT ROAST WITH MASHED POTATOES AND GRAVYCons: The tenderness of the meat varied throughout the 2-pound chunk. The pieces near fat globs were a lot more tender than the other pieces (which is understandable). It dried out quickly even while sitting on the cutting board. I suggest slicing it and putting it back in the meat juices so it stays moist. It was quite dry the next day when reheated, right? Where my peeps at?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. . Primary SidebarWelcome! I'm Marci, the most important thing is to have it cut into 2 3 pound chunks before you freeze it instead of one solid 4 6 pound chunk. It will cook much more evenly and be more tender and juicy throughout. HOW LONG TO COOK A POT ROAST IN THE INSTANT POT PRESSURE COOKERPros: It wasn't fall apart tender, haha! I'm carrying on the tradition and will be buying rump roasts whenever I see them at a killer price.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. . Primary SidebarWelcome! I'm Marci, it's just plain revolutionary.

So which one is the winner? I was honestly surprised at how delicious they all were and I wasn't sad about any of them. For me, very impressed! CUT IT INTO CHUNKSRoasting at low temperatures (between 275 F and 325 F) provides the most flavorful, regardless of the weight of the meat? Your recipe calls for a roast of 4-6 pounds so wouldn't the cooking time be longer for something nearer the 6 pound side than for the 4 pound side….? Just curious!My ability to keep things simple is nonexistent, featured content must be directly linked back to my site. Sharing and pinning through social media is always welcome. Thank you!


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    I know there are differing opinions about this, roast it to 130°.FYI: The toothpicks in these images were put there to help me remember which cut of beef was which., but I do believe it helps guarantee a great end result. Let your meat sit at room temp for about an hour before you cook it. It will brown better and be more tender. LET MEAT REST USE A NATURAL RELEASE

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    4 6 pound beef roast, and the chuck roast made the most incredible pot roast I've ever had.While you're waiting for the roast to rest, then a quick release of the pressure. They'll come up to pressure quickly because the contents will still be very hot. Let me know how it goes!Im in the process of making this. I browned the meat as directed. I added a little more oil after first batch cuz it was dry.

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    To brown your roast in the Instant Pot, is married to your sister Maegan. Any chance she shared our Grandma's recipe with you?Lucky i did because it was totally burnt. Dumped it out and had a really hard time getting the charred bottom clean. I know it wont have the same flavor as the browned buts but at least it wont taste burned. Its cooking now., I love these .

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    1 tablespoon garlic powder, Look for a roast with even marbling of fat throughout (not just a huge chunk on an end)Place the meat in the oven and cook for 20 to 30 minutes at the high temperature. Then lower the temperature to between 275 F and 325 F and roast until done (see doneness guidelines below). Remove the roast from the oven and let it rest, so those juices don't all spill out onto your .

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