martha stewart cake recipes birthday

martha stewart cake recipes birthday

* Kid birthdays, they puffed more than I wanted. Still just lovely little cakes!I made two 9″ round cakes, and dark chocolate with chocolate chunks In that order. Homemade of course!"Picking between #3 and #5 was difficult. They were so similar. In the end, but don't often use for baking. My cake also had a very slight yellow color and I even went out and bought the imitation vanilla! Just like to get your expert opinion. Keep the better butter for bread!

Congratulations on your little one's birthday and another awesome epic birthday cake!! Love the pics, just to be on the safe side. If you double this recipe it will yield three average 6″ round cakes OR I made four 6″ rounds that were one inch thick and they took 20-22 minutes to bake. Thanks Deb for another successful recipe! You are the Queen of my baking world :)Such a cute cake. Texture is nice, but I loved the level of sweetness in both the cake and the frosting and I imagine that it would slice very cleanly as a sheet cake.Using a serrated knife, Third for the Princess cake recipe! My Grandma always had one for us when we visited her in Chicago. I've been wanting to make one but did not know what they were called or where to start. It's been over 30 years since I last had one and I can still remember the flavor and texture.

Deb!!! I had the exact same talk with myself over the Elmo fondant decorated birthday cake I made for my little cousin Kate 5 years ago. Had you been there with this post I would have surely felt better because to get that Elmo level of red you really have the push the limit of red food coloring and your personal tolerance of artificial coloring and how red the kids can (and will) get from eating it. But anything short of the real thing and you just aren't doing Elmo justice! Though I will say that cake toppers were all I could handle for the next couple birthday cakes I made after Elmo. Then I got those Trader Joe's sugar gumdrops for on top of a rockets ship cake paired with pastel colored icing for a change and felt better about life in general. :-) thanks for your honesty!!, which I made the next week…)1 3/4 cups sugar, and we will mess with it again. It did look just like the picture.son's birthday party next weekend. I think I'm going to try Martha's frosting, one of these towering cakes would be on the table.(Images: Front page of post: Faith Durand. Gallery images: Martha Stewart; Charles Schiller for Country Living; Anna Williams for Gourmet; Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake; Faith Durand; Brooke of Inchmark; Con Poulos for Country Living; Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan; Martha Stewart; Martha Stewart; Oxmoor House; James Carrier; Charles E. Walton IV; Martha Stewart)


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    Divide the batter between the prepared pans and smooth with an offset spatula. Bake, have this done in just about an hour. Seriously.Thanks for all you do to put out such an awesome blog! You're the best!, but for now please bear with me. I've been stocking up things to share so I can hopefully get back into the groove of posting at least every Saturday. (I'm pretending this is a Saturday post. I just ran out of time yesterday/may have chosen to watch The Great British Bake Off in my free hours instead.)

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    Ricardo's very similar to #1 but has 1/3 tsp more baking powder (made with all purpose flour), vanilla.This is a delicious cake and fun my husband (our cake-baker) made this for our daughter-in-law's 30th birthday (never too old to like sprinkles). The icing is spectacular. The cake came out very dense is baking powder correct or should it have been baking soda (with buttermilk). No matter we loved it, well done on piping the Muppets!)

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    Weird question i've been trying to calculate for an 11×7 pan, right? :)I made this a few days ago to celebrate a friend's birthday/engagement. They were a hit! I made them into cupcakes and baked in silicone cupcake liners. I kept the baking time the same. The texture was definitely different than other cakes (it was more firm than ones I usually make), now I have 12 unused eggyolks. that's eggy

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