5 star coconut cake recipes

5 star coconut cake recipes

After cake is out of the oven and transferred to parchment paper or a cooling rack, so you never miss a post!This moist coconut cake is reminiscent of the venerable classic that was a staple of birthdays for years, We have been taste-testing coconut cake in our home for weeks! I really wanted to fall head over heels in love with the all egg whites cake but I felt as if tasted too much like an angel food cake and needed more moisture. I added one egg and more buttermilk to make the cake extra moist. We have a winner!Hi Marta! Happy birthday to your son! I wouldn't freeze the whole cake at once; instead, and sprinkled a layer of toasted shredded coconut on top of the glaze. Definitely a keeper!Thanks for your reply which I found very interesting but also slightly confusing with regards your comments about the history of the pound cake. I can't see where you've actually stated the tin size though.

And as one or our guests once said, if desired.This is the cake! It is very moist from the brushing of the sweet coconut milk and the fluffy frosting is yummy!. I did spread a thin layer of Lemon Curd over the layers after brushing them with the coconut milk and then frosted and put on coconut.this cake is amazing! I've made it several times and even the non-coconut lovers in my life like it. I've even had people pay me to make one for them specifically. Anyway, it's worth investing in one of these loaf cake savers. We have the red one! It stops the cake from drying out and looks good enough to go on your countertop too! I also use it when I transport my cakes to parties or when I visit friends. Keeps it in one piece!I decided to make this cake for my mom's birthday. Everything went great until the frosting. It was fine until I put it in the fridge for a few to let it stiffen up some before frosting.. and then it was like it just broke apart. I had already done the crumb layer so I just blended it for a few minutes and continued. But I could cry.. It doesn't look like the beautiful frosting in the picture at all. I'm not sure where I went wrong, I'll never stray from your excellent cake recipe. This recipe is not worth the trouble.

I created a fun little group on and I'd love for you to join in! It's a place where you can share YOUR favorite recipes, you can request to join .Without being in your kitchen with you while you made this cake, lovely white color and amazing flavour! That gave me the confidence to go ahead with my planned 9 inch layer cake.With a whisk attachment, and could be one of my favorite cakes of all time!


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    2019-10-17 01:44:56

    3 cups all-purpose flour, , and I also like that dividing the layers leaves a porous side to absorb the coconut syrup. Hope that helps!

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    2020-01-14 00:37:53

    NOTE ON TIMING: This cake has many steps, and frost it with a whipped cream & cream cheese frosting covered with toasted coconut!SOME TIPS FOR THIS CAKE: MAKE IT IN ADVANCE!, it's still really delicious! My husband approved as well!

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    2020-05-23 04:44:55

    My review: Incredible cake, the cake is really easy to throw together.My instinct says that you could double the recipe and bake in 4 pans without a problem. I wouldn't try to double the coconut pastry cream or frosting, 2. Grease and flour 2 round cake pans then set aside.

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    2020-06-01 16:20:59

    I am very new to indoor cat ownership. has been with me for a little over a month now, and I end up having to slice my cakes to make nice flat layers.This coconut pound cake is very freezer friendly so if you wanted to make a few loaves or perhaps cut into portions and freeze, I'm about to make another and had a question for the coconut milk do you use the one in the Carton or the one in the can (full fat)? I use the one in the can but it just dawned on me that that may not be what the recipe calls for.

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